What Your Man Bag Says About You

Tread the style mile with care as your man bag speaks volumes about you! For most men when it comes to something to lug around to pack and carry their necessities, fashion usually takes the backseat and let’s function take the driving wheel. But with a variety of “man bags” available in the market, it is definite that men love their options to choose their sartorial sack when the time comes as much as women do. No! you are not in college anymore, so gone are the days when you had just one favorite backpacks for men that you carried all year long, day-in and day-out.
This good old crummy backpacks online soaked in all the funky smells over the changing calendar leaves. It took all the punching, careless tosses, slapdash burying under piles of bachelorhood laundry piles in the dorm room and all other kinds of boyhood torment. Let’s face it, it was probably just your college bags that accepted all your shenanigans without making any fuss. This online backpacks was perhaps your dearest friend during those confusing years of your life! But like all good things must come to an end, you must also drop this anti-fashion, uber comfy sack of silliness and move on to more refined things. Things that will prepare you to face the big bad world out there. Things that are unspoken yet speak volumes about who you are, based on the choices you made!
So, what do you choose? A heritage hipster rucksack or an NYC inspired messenger bagsfor men? Do you lean towards the Tesco or Tote bag way? Any man worth his penny loafers would first clarify that anything prefixed with the term ‘man’ can never be as manly as they would want them to be! But that might not be entirely true when it comes to men’s denim tote bags online India. Denim is after all the manliest fabric of all known to man!
Could there be anything manlier than a pair of classic blue denim jeans? They are the bottom-wear equivalents of the punk rock leather jacket amongst men! For more than 160 years denim has woven its way into the art of manliness and transcended borders and world cultures. Knitting men into a classless, utilitarian, yet classically stylish and chill swag, which has adorned plumbers, farmers, presidents and prisoners alike! Denim is to men what purses are to women! So, why not marry the two to create the best of ‘bags for men’ money can buy? To jump this style bandwagon all you need to do is buy denim tote bags in India.
While not all men refer to their bags as ‘bag for men’, except us journalists who write about them and companies commissioning surveys about them. But these canvas bags for men are a statement apart from the generic canvas backpacks for men to put all your mess into! According to one such survey, it says more than 60 percent of men are in possession of such bags and most even use them to make a fashion statement much like the ladies would want to do.
After all, why carry a messenger bag, in the busy streets of Delhi if you’re not a messenger?! Popular vote from men suggests that mens fashion bags denim tote bags online are the top choice for work bags amongst modern urban men, who have a clear style vision and want to look put together.
So, what will you choose…?


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