Canvas Duffle Bags - Great Uses For College Kids

College students need a variety of bags and they need them to look good as well as stand up to being tossed around and abused. Style canvas duffle bags fit the bill and are ideal for any student heading off to college. 

Here is a list of ways canvas duffle bags come in handy for college students: 

1. Laundry - Yes, dorms have laundry facilities. No, your son or daughter will not use them. Dorm laundry rooms are not popular hang outs and your student will likely prefer stuffing a semester's worth of dirty laundry into a bag and coming home. mens duffle bags online will last all four years of college and beyond. They are made to military standards, which means tough fabric and reinforced stitching. Not to mention they have a ton of room for storage. 

2. Luggage - Of course a college student tends to lead a nomadic life and this makes the duffle a great choice. The canvas duffle bag india come in a variety of sizes including jumbo bags that have two shoulder straps. These bags can be loaded up and then when they are emptied they conveniently collapse down to next to nothing, perfect for the cramped dorm room or apartment. 

3. Backpacks and Messenger bags - The traditional name, canvas duffle bags online india, came from the name for the sturdy fabric used for these bags and in the early days these bags were all of the long cylindrical style. Today, the word duffle can apply to many different styles of bags and can come in smaller sizes that are cool and convenient for walking to class. 

Style backpacks bags and messenger bags are a popular variation of canvas duffle bags. Backpacks have two straps that fit over the shoulder and messenger bags have one longer strap. Messenger style bags have grown in popularity and you know see them in every town from Hollywood to New York and everywhere in between. 

Canvas duffle bags formen are very inexpensive and will last for years and stand up to all the abuse a college student can throw at them. Now that you know more about why these great bags are so popular, view canvas duffle bags and find out more about them. You can also find great deals at this site Zobello duffle bag.


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